The strange mystery behind the #SwitchedOff trend that had been raging on social media for the past week finally comes to closure. Celebrities all over had been running low on energy and had decided to switch off from different activities. This was something really strange that had left everyone baffled and one by one just like falling dominos, each celebrity had switched off from activities that they usually do.

Many fans were confused about this and asked the celebrities their reasons for switching off by commenting their concern on the respective statuses (Add screenshots of some comments). So after all this curiosity we finally have an answer for everyone. All the celebrities are back in action now as Sting came to their rescue and helped them by turning their #LifeKaSwitchOn. Sting has helped them to power up their energy levels which in turn has facilitated them to get through in this tough weather.

Mehreen Syed, Feroze Khan, Ayesha Omar, Mehwish Hayat, Anoushey Ashraf, Hina Altaf, Shazia Naz, Khalid Malik and Minal Khan are all the ones that had switched of and now can been seen brimming with energy. Each one of them is all set to take on the daily activities they switched off from while turning their #LifeKaSwitchOn. Anoushey Ashraf posted an image of herself with the caption: “Coming up with great ideas once more #LifeKaSwitchOn” while the energetic Hina posted a boomerang of herself with a caption saying: “Actually, I’m all up for interviews because why not? Celebrate your passions! #LifeKaSwitchOn”.

Our favorite fitness junkie is back on track as he posted this incredible picture of himself in the gym with a caption saying: “Bench pressing with twice the weight #LifeKaSwitchOn” and also the snapchat queen Mehreen Syed posted a boomerang with the caption saying: “Fully charged and back in the game #LifeKaSwitchOn”. Everyone’s favorite Mehwish Hayat and Ayesha Omar also posted their pictures with captions saying: “Running every morning at full speed ahead! #LifeKaSwitchOn” and “Back in action and ready to fully celebrate the summer!#LifeKaSwitchOn”.

So it looks like Sting has gotten the energy levels soaring again and our favorite celebrities are back on track by turning their #LifeKaSwitchOn.

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